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Scalability of WISEflow

The Importance of Scalability in Digital Exams and Assessments We work with many educational institutes and they vary greatly in size. This requires major flexibility in our system and great scalability to accommodate all needs. WISEflow can scale to all user bases...

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What Kind of Marking Does WISEflow Support?

Marking, commenting and grading is an essential part of any exam situation. Since exams and assessments take on many formats and require different forms of marking, great versatility in marking is paramount in a digital exam platform. The tools for marking in WISEflow...

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The Pricing Structure of WISEflow

How to calculate the price of digital exams and assessments When putting out a tender or deciding which provider to choose, the price is always a concern. And how do you calculate the price of digital exams? At UNIwise, we strive to be as transparent in our pricing...

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WISEflow – System Security is Paramount

Security in Digital Exams For universities, colleges and other educational institutions, exams are just about the most high-stakes activities of them all. Ensuring that the students’ exams and their information are handled with a high measure of security is a vital...

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