Örebro University is piloting WISEflow

Örebro University is piloting WISEflow

There were a number of reasons why Örebro University chose to look into digitizing their exam process. Most importantly, this was a response to a keen interest in more modern ways of examination from both students and teaching staff. It also felt like a natural development in following pedagogical trends with-in Higher Education internationally.

A need for different functionalities
Örebro University offers a broad range of courses, from medicine to musical composition. They needed a system that would meet the different functionalities required by the full range of exams offered across the subject areas. The pilot with WISEflow started in August 2016 and will be running for one year. Its aim is two-fold: First, to identify the optimal system functionality for digital exams; second, to design efficient administrative processes for digital exams within the existing organisational structure.

One of the aims when planning the project was to recruit examiners from as wide a range of subjects and types of exams as possible, to test out digital exams during the pilot. This was not an issue. The interest was such that there were applications from the vast majority of schools within the university.

The project team at Örebro University experiences that the transition to digital with WISEflow, is easier than they initially thought. They also appreciate the favourable communication between the university and UNIwise.


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November 25, 2016