The creators of WISEflow

As a consultant and software company creating intelligent solutions for educations and academic organizations, UNIwise started in 2012 and has experienced growth ever since. Today, the digital exam platform WISEflow is used in several countries around Europe, and around 1,000,000 students have so far submitted their exams through WISEflow.

Here are some of the highlights in UNIwises journey so far

Mission and vision

Our mission is for WISEflow to enable, safe, secure and efficient digital exams anytime and anywhere – and we have given ourselves the task to be ready for tomorrow’s demands and needs.

Our vision is to set exams free. Plain and simple. To make the assessment and conduct of exams free of any boundaries, limitations, and unnecessary restrictions.

Quick facts

  • 62 institutions run their exam and assessment in WISEflow
  • WISEflow is currently used in all of Scandinavia, but also in the U.K., the Netherlands and Germany
  • More than 1 million students have used WISEflow and between 15,000 to 20,000 students submits daily during exam periods
  • Millions of assignments have been handed in since the launch in 2011
  • WISEflow has saved more than 443,128 hours of work
  • 101,250,000 sheets of paper have been saved


New branch office in Norway

UNIwise continued the expansion with an office in Norway.

UNIwise chosen as preferred provider in Norway

After a process lasting two years WISEflow was chosen as the preferred provider in Norway. This followed Uninetts tender on digital assessments and solutions for the Norwegian Universities and University colleges.

New branch office in Sweden

UNIwise opened an office in Göteborg, Sweden.

3-Year partnership agreed

Together with the Korean partner WeDu Communications and Centre for Teaching and Learning at Aarhus University, UNIwise agreed to a 3-year partnership to develop a true Online Massive Assessment Platform (OMAP). The project enhances WISEflow with high-end authentication and learning analytics functionalities and makes it possible to conduct 100 % secure digital exams for a massive number of students.


New branch office in South Korea

UNIwise opened an office in Seoul, South Korea.

WISEflow was selected as the core engine in the new solution netprøver.dk

Netprøver.dk handles written assignments digitally at high schools in Denmark. In 2017 the solution will cover all high school exams and potentially all primary school exams as well.

All Danish Business Academies and Maritime Schools onboards WISEflow

UNIwise was chosen as supplier in yet another public EU tender covering the whole Business Academy sector in Denmark.

UNIwise wins OpenAxel Contest

UNIwise was recognised as one of Europe’s leading startups by OpenAxel.


All Danish university colleges onboards WISEflow

UNIwise won all the Danish university colleges in a public EU tender. From then on more and more institutions joined WISEflow.


Hard times at UNIwise

UNIwise counted on Aarhus University as the first major client, but when the task was put out to tender as a joint tender between Aarhus University and 4 other Danish universities, UNIwise lost. After 1,5 years the money was running low, and UNIwise had to leave their office, when the landlord went bankrupt. Without money to spend on a new business address, the team found an old, closed property without heating and internet. During the winter everyone wore gloves and hats inside while working, and the platform was managed through an iPhone as Wi-Fi hotspot. No one ever lost faith in WISEflow and everyone agreed to cut salary by half.

UNIwise awarded Start up of the year ‘13 – Best immaterial product

The team behind WISEflow won the prestigious Start up of the year award for best immaterial product.


The official launch

UNIwise was officially launched as a company and three of the previous student programmers, who had helped building the platform were hired. Shortly after, the first Norwegian university and a small Danish private school started using WISEflow.


The birth of WISEflow

A group of student programmers started building WISEflow and in just two years more than 10 % of the university’s exams were digitized. In a short amount of time WISEflow became very successful and the founders decided to buy the commercial rights in order to offer the solution to other universities and institutions.



The founders, working in managing positions at Aarhus University, identified a student demand to bring and use their own computers for exams. At that time, no technology was yet available that could prevent cheating and plagiarism in digital exams. Aarhus University therefore applied and received funding from the Danish Government to investigate the potential of digitizing exams and assessments.