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Educational activities for all occasions

We provide a wide array of opportunities to continue your education in WISEflow. Our webinars, workshops, and consultancy hours each seek to resolve different issues and approach potential solutions in different ways.

This way we can provide the exact solution that fits your needs.

Consultancy Hours


Strengthen the administration of your exams and assessments

If you have a specific exam or certain procedures that could use a pair of fresh eyes, our consultants are always ready to assist you with competent advice and provide you with inspiration on how to solve your problem with WISEflow.

With help from a consultant, you can:

  • Make your workflow more effective
  • Optimise processes
  • Get great ideas on setting up exams
  • Receive sparring on guides and support for your students
  • Have a thorough walkthrough of your use of WISEflow, making sure all WISEflow functionalities are utilised in the most opportune way.

During a consultancy hour, you will meet with one of our experienced consultants and discuss organisational and administrative best practices regarding digital exams and assessments.

Consultancy hours can be a valuable asset to your continued education in the use of WISEflow, giving you an opportunity to optimise the entire structure surrounding your exams and assessments.

Discuss the themes and questions of your choice

The theme of our discussion can be issues such as preparation and handling of exams, optimisation and understanding of processes, inspiration for new approaches to exam etc.

You can ask us direct questions, such as:

“How hard is it to get the assessors on board with the project?”

“Is it difficult to change and digitise old habits and processes within the organisation?”

The themes and questions discussed during the session is completely your choice.


If you have questions regarding consultancy hours, you can contact Head of Customer Service Eva Kaas.



We customise our workshops, tailoring them to fit your exact needs

Pre-workshop, we will conduct a thorough interview with you, ensuring that the workshop program will cover the subjects you are most interested in.

The program we go through can be themes such as multiple-choice, the assessment tool, new modules and their functionalities etc.

You choose, we teach.

We offer two differently timed workshops, both of which can be conducted in either Danish, English, Norwegian or Swedish.

Half Day

This is a 2-3 hour workshop. It is perfect for covering the functionalities of singular modules or going through a few issues thoroughly, equipping you with the skills to improve your WISEflow experience.

Full Day

The day consists of an intensive 7-hour hands-on workshop (incl. a 1-hour break) and can revolve around several complex issues, giving you an in-depth introduction and practice session with the themes of your choice.

Reach out to our consultants to schedule your preferred activity

Send us a message detailing what type of activity you are interested in and what your needs and wishes are. One of our consultants will get back to you as soon as possible.


We provide excellent customer service

Our customer service department stands ready to help you with all your WISEflow-related questions.

Check our implementation process

Our experienced implementation team will guide you through every step of your digital exam and assessment project

We take system security seriously

We know how important exams are to education institutions, which is why we take great security precautions. Read this blog post on the security measures we apply in WISEflow.