This fall WISEflow has truly proved to be the most awesome platform for digital exams & assessments out there. With the release of several new modules you can not only say goodbye to pen & pencils in written exams forever, but also get support for practical and oral exams.
The biggest new improvement is the module ‘WISEflow Author’ and the new flow type ‘FLOWmulti’. A full suite supporting classic and advanced multiple choice exams and tests within WISEflow. With more than 40 different question types, personal and institutional question banks, and the possibility of automatic scoring and sharing across institutions and countries, a new dawn of e-assessment has begun.
Another new flow type ‘FLOWoral’ enables administrative support for oral exams, while still conducting them face-to-face between participant and assessor. And to provide the highest possible level of flexibility, all the different flow types can be combined however you want with ‘FLOWcombine’ and can be run on a daily basis by the teachers themselves with ‘FLOWprovisional’.
Once again half the team at UNIwise wished they were back in school and had a chance to do their exams the smart way.
You can get more details and see some of the many other new features and releases here