In the long anticipated yearly analysis of the most important upcoming strategic technologies and trends Gartner highlights Digital Assessment as one of the technologies that will transform higher education in 2015.

According to Gartner VP and distinguished analyst Jan-Martin Lowendahl, traditional educational business models are being fundamentally challenged by digitalisation.

“An increasing number of technical innovations and technology trends are emerging from within the industry, but most will emerge outside the industry, driven by major forces such as digital business and the consumerisation and industrialisation of IT,” said Lowendahl.

Assessment within education is in itself a vast and complicated area. Digital assessment is ultimately about being able to do any assessment digitally, to remove the need for physically tethered as well as human-proctored tests and improve modes of testing, grading and data analysis. The first-level application of digital assessments is to increase trust in online education by applying identification mechanisms, such as keystroke identification or cloud-based face recognition. Digital assessment is a very practical technology with a clear high-level goal, but with many problems in the implementation. However, good digital assessment is a necessity for trustworthy and scalable online or hybrid (digitalized) education, and will remain a strategic technology until it is solved, concludes the Gartner analysis.

See the press release and analysis here.