On January the 10th WISEflow reached a new milestone with more than 500.000 unique users and the interaction with the platform increased to 2.126.895 sessions. For comparison more than 200.000 students completed their exams in WISEflow in the spring/summer semester last year with 770.000 sessions. The record follows just months after, we in November passed 400.000 unique users.

Looking at 2015 as a whole WISEflow had 372.817 users compared to 107.706 in 2014. At the same time the interaction with the site amassed to 1.465.035 sessions, while the same number was 457.625 in 2014. The interface is spread across Scandinavia and the UK. The busiest day was December the 14th with 11.320 users closely followed by December the 17th, where 10.962 used WISEflow. This means that the most active day in 2015 has more than twice as many users as in 2014, where the busiest day was December the 8th with 4.871 users.

During the year WISEflow went live in UK, and in the beginning of 2016 we saw the first successful trial in UK of a large-scale examination by students using their own laptops at Brunel. Totally 113 students across three different locations on campus handed in their assignment in WISEflow. In 2016 WISEflow expands further with launches in Germany and Netherlands during the spring, and we anticipate that other countries will follow. Therefore, we expect a steady increase in users and activities, for instance a doubling from this year’s winter period to the summer semester.