March 2016 saw a successful launch of a WISEflow pilot at the first German university, the Bucerius Law School in Hamburg.

Bucerius Law School admits approximately 100 undergraduate students each year; it is the first private owned law school in Germany and is generally ranked as the best law school in the country. The focus of our implementation kick-off held on March 2nd was intensive, hands on-training sessions with teachers and administrative staff held to make sure that both groups gain the experience and confidence with WISEflow necessary for a smooth run of the pilot.

To ensure an efficient implementation of WISEflow we furthermore helped Bucerius Law School establish a pilot organization and appoint a project manager, who will coordinate between UNIwise and the school as well as ensure the coordination of the various functions involved in the pilot at Bucerius Law School. Generally, the pilot organization is in charge of managing tasks related to the entire exam process, for instance to communicate about WISEflow to students and other members of the organization, making sure that there is proper wifi connection during the exams and adapting temporary policies on exams for the pilot period.