After having changed the way brick-and-mortar institutions conduct assessment, our next ambitious step has just officially become a reality – WISEflow will become a true Online Massive Assessment Platform (OMAP). The solution will set a new global standard for online assessment and become the MOOC of exam & assessment.

Together with our Korean partner WeDu Communications, Seoul, and Centre for Teaching and Learning, Aarhus University, UNIwise has entered a 3-year partnership to develop the OMAP-solution. The R&D-project enhances WISEflow with high-end authentication and learning analytics functionalities and makes it possible to conduct 100% secure digital exams for a massive number of students. This will improve learning outcomes for students and teachers and bring great cost reductions to institutions.

A Eurostars project
The OMAP has become a reality with an investment by the European Commission, The Innovation Fund Denmark and Central Denmark Region through the Horizon 2020, Eurostars-programme. Eurostars is a European funding programme that supports R&D performing small and medium-sized enterprises which develop innovative products, processes and services to gain a competitive advantage through international collaboration. Eurostars applications pass through a highly competitive selection process, being scrutinised by a panel of international research and business experts, to ensure that only the best business ideas and strongest partnerships get support.

The future of education is more than paperless
The project, which officially takes off on July 1 2016, is a step towards offering digital assessment as a global, full, trustworthy and reliable service. Up until now, UNIwise has worked on streamlining the entire exam process, making it easier for all parties involved, eliminating manual processes, minimizing paper use and using digital assessment as a tool for learning. The future of higher education in a globalized educational sector will bring more tests. This will also drive the demand for transparent, standardized and more automated feedback and assessment. This will challenge old conventions and beliefs in higher education – but also drive it towards new processes and standards. The OMAP will shape these processes and standards by bringing together European and Korean universities and European and Korean software high tech companies, in an effort to deliver so far unseen high end authentication and cheat prevention.

The technology is developed through Danish and Korean partnerships
Authentication is already a very central problem in Asia, particularly due to the high number of students compared to Europe. Generally, South Korea has become experts in the field of e-learning, and the structure of the Korean education system brings new insights and practices. Education is a competitive environment because grades and diplomas are the admission tickets to the most prestigious universities. Consequently, the competitive element emphasises the need for a secure and reliable authentication technology. Through collaboration with Korean educational and IT experts we will embed the most advanced solutions available in WISEflow.

The digitization of both education and society is creating an enormous amount of data, that is to an increasing extend being put in place for evaluating and predicting every behavior. With this big data researchers can analyze the connection between teaching methods and learning outcomes. Therefore, we have teamed up with Centre for Teaching and Learning, Aarhus University, who will use the data to analyze the learning outcomes generated through the platform. With this, individuals will eventually be able to reflect on their outcomes of different courses, and institutions can gain insights into which teaching and exam methods the students perform best in.

The project has been on its way since 2014, and we look forward to finally realizing it to the benefit of all existing and future users of WISEflow. Our vision is to set exams free. Plain and simple. To make assessment and the conduction of exam free of any boundaries, limitations and unnecessary restrictions.