At HiB (Bergen University College) pen and paper is to a great extent replaced by computers at exams. The transition to digital exam and the use of WISEflow has so far been very positive.
“I am very satisfied. It has gone very well and all the technical has gone better than feared. At the busiest day we had 373 students to digital exam and everything functioned well, says Gunhild Raunsgard, Project coordinator, Digital exams at HiB.

HiB has three faculties which offer a wide range of courses and study programmes: The Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Engineering and Administration and the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences. During the spring students from all the faculties have completed digital exams in 44 different courses, and approximately 25 percent of HiB’s exams were digital.

In total around 6.300 students and more than 900 examiners have used WISEflow, but the number is set to increase.
“I expect that the number of digital exams increase in the following semesters, but it is not all subjects that is as easy to complete digitally with the tools, which is available today, says Gunhild Raunsgard.

Read HiB’s total WISEflow-experience here (only in Norwegian).