From now on universities and high schools in Norway can demand that the students use their own computers for exams.
“Laptops or tablets are a natural and necessary part of the students’ everyday life. We want to facilitate extended use of digital learning methods and digital exams,” Bjørn Haugstad, from the Ministry of Education says.

However, the institutions can only demand that the students have a standard computer with a newer operating system or a tablet with a similar solution and an approved browser.

Read the full story at the Norwegian government’s website here (only in Norwegian).

Despite the fact that universities and high schools until now have not had the formal legal instruments requiring students to bring computers for exams, Norway is one of the global frontrunners of digital assessment. Norwegian universities were early WISEflow adopters and since 2013 more than 120.000 norwegian students have so far used WISEflow for their exams.