During the summer exam period lots of students have submitted papers in WISEflow. We met two of them for a chat about their experiences with WISEflow.

Karoline Riordan and Michelle Hansen study psychology at Aarhus University. They have handed in papers in WISEflow 11 times on different exam flows: FLOWlock, FLOWmulti and FLOWassign, and particularly one thing characterizes their experience with WISEflow as students: Its ease of use!
”WISEflow facilitates a good exam process and is timesaving for students, because we do not have to print our papers and physically hand them in, but also for assessors and examiners. For me as a student, WISEflow provides a more effective and easy way to hand in my exams,” Michelle Hansen says.

Before attending the university both students have been used to handing in papers physically, but there is no doubt that they find digital exams much easier.
“When you hand in your paper digitally, the exam process is less stressful. I have always lived far away from school, and when you have to deliver your paper physically, it quickly becomes a bigger project. Now that I do it digitally, I sometimes stop to wonder: Was that really it? – because digital hand in is a lot easier,” Karoline Riordan says with a smile.

Michelle Hansen and Karoline Riordan both find the sustainable trait which WISEflow is build upon and the fact that they can bring their own devices to the exam very appealing.
“The entire exams process is made more sustainable. You reduce the impact on the environment, which I think is very important,” Michelle Hansen says.
“It is also a good thing that you can use your own computer. It is a great advantage, because you are comfortable with it and you know how it works,” Karoline Riordan says.