The spring/summer semester has as the previous years been very busy with lots of users. During the semester nearly 320.000 students handed in exams in WISEflow. That is more than 100.000 more students than last year, where the number was around 200.000. The increased number of users also meant that the interaction with the digital exam platform WISEflow amassed to about 1.425.000 sessions compared to 770.000 sessions last year.

The busiest month was June, and on the most active day around 17.000 participants and assessors worked in WISEflow. That is approximately 7.000 more users compared to the same period last year. During the semester WISEflow found itself breaking lots of records. In January the platform for instance reached a milestone with more than 500.000 unique users, and the interaction with the platform increased to 2.126.895 sessions.