Less than a year after launching an Asian venture in Seoul, South Korea, UNIwise expands again. On September 1, it opens an office in the heart of Gothenburg!

After recent successes in the UK and Germany as well as with the newly launched Eurostars project Horizon 2020, the company is now intensifying its efforts in Sweden.

– “UNIwise have already had local representation for a number of years through partners in the industry. Now we see that the time is right to take the next step.

Digitization of education is somewhat less developed in Sweden compared to neighbouring countries. The government is soon expected to reach a conclusion and present a timetable for digitization of the exams process, something that is highly anticipated by several parties.

Digital assessment have been an issue for many colleges and universities in recent years, but now we notice that it gets priority in a completely different way.
Therefore, we now see it as a natural step to invest in having our own dedicated staff and office in Sweden.”

Sofie Emmertsen – Business Development Manager

UNIwise hopes to further increase the number of satisfied users and lower the workload and costs in the country’s universities.

About UNIwise and WISEflow

UNIwise is a Danish-based software and consulting company for the digitization of the exam process for universities and educational institutions. The company started as a spinout from the University of Aarhus in 2012 and has since then digitized exam & assessment through the platform WISEflow for more than 50 institutions across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, UK and Germany. Shortly, the millionth unique student will submit test results using the WISEflow system.

For more information contact

UNIwise Denmark, Sofie Emmertsen, +45 2518 8897

UNIwise Denmark, Niels Berg Conradsen, +45 31263901