We are happy to announce that UNIwise has been awarded the contract for digital exam and assessment at Aarhus University, BSS after a public tender was carried out in the spring.

At Aarhus University, BSS the digitization of exams is a very prioritized focus area, and ever since BSS implemented digital exams in the spring 2014, WISEflow has been the preferred platform. Now a new contract is awarded for 2 years with an option to extend for another period. This follows a competitive public tender in which WISEflow was evaluated and found to fulfil all requirements and expectations. BSS found that the platform is stabile, well-functioning and can handle a large amount of simultaneous users. Furthermore, WISEflow met the institution’s demand for a modern platform corresponding to the students’ study-related everyday. Besides delivering WISEflow, which will handle all BSS’ digital exams, UNIwise will also help with the operation, maintenance and support.

We at UNIwise are very excited to continue building a unified digital exam experience for Aarhus University, BSS’ students and faculty members. Universities and schools keep seeking out easy-to-use, secure and effective exam platforms that provide huge improvements for all user groups. This is exactly why WISEflow continues being the preferred platform for educational institutions across Scandinavia.

Aarhus University is ranked as a top 100 University and AU, BSS is triple crown accredited with AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. With 16,000 students the institution ranks among the largest business schools in Europe, and during the winter exam 2015/16 35,000 grades in approximately 800 exams were submitted in the digital exam system.

With the renewal of the contract we look forward to continue working closely together with BSS and making sure that the students, faculty members etc. will experience secure and effective exams anytime and anywhere.

Image: Lars Kruse/AU Communication