After a run-up of two years, Uninett’s tender on digital assessments solutions for the Norwegian Universities and University colleges has selected UNIwise as the winner and preferred provider with the solution WISEflow.

From now on, Norwegian institutions can very simply onboard WISEflow and begin or continue their work with UNIwise in the future of digital exams in Norway.

We are proud that UNIwise has been chosen as preferred provider in Norway with WISEflow. The Norwegian Universities and University Colleges are without a doubt among the frontrunners in learning technology” says Rasmus Blok, executive director, development.

WISEflow was the first solution in Norway to digitize the written onsite exam. Since 2013 many Norwegian institutions have piloted and tried the solution and more than 130.000 Norwegian students have already used WISEflow for their exams.

Norwegian institutions have had a major impact on how WISEflow has been developed. We are humbled by the task ahead. The negotiated tender process with Uninett pointed to a number of areas where WISEflow can be further improved to better fulfil the needs of Norwegian higher education. This task we have put on ourselves in order to make sure that the Norwegian institutions experience, that they are getting the very best solution when choosing WISEflow. And we intend to listen carefully to their needs and suggestions and have already scheduled a number of further improvements and adaptations.” Rasmus Blok continues.

We look forward to work closely together with Uninett and the Norwegian institutions for years to come.

UNIwise plan to tour around Norway and showcase WISEflow, and some of the many other features not specified and examined in the tender process, yet part of a full enterprise exam solution, and included in the service to the Norwegian institutions. At the same time we will present WISEflow 3.0 to come, recently awarded as a Eurostars, Horizon 2020 research and innovation project.

About UNIwise and WISEflow

UNIwise is a Danish software and consulting company for the digitization of the exam process for universities and higher educational institutions. The company started as a spin-out from the University of Aarhus. WISEflow has been developed for 6 years and has digitized exam & assessment for more than 50 institutions across Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Shortly, the millionth unique student will submit assessments using WISEflow.

For more information contact

UNIwise Denmark, +45 6053 3033, [email protected]