Only a few months after UNIwise was chosen as the preferred provider of a digital exam and assessment platform in Norway, UNIwise has just opened a new office situated in Skien, Telemark. The local presence will strengthen our ambition of working closely together with the Norwegian educational institutions on implementing and further develop WISEflow successfully.

The launch of the local office is a natural step in UNIwise’s continued presence in Norway. The Norwegian educational institutions have used WISEflow for several years. The platform was the first solution in Norway to digitize the written onsite exam. Since 2013 many Norwegian institutions have therefore piloted and tried the solution. More than 70.000 Norwegian students have submitted their exams through WISEflow.

Through Uninett’s tender on digital assessment solutions for the Norwegian Universities and University colleges the procurement and onboarding process of WISEflow has become even easier. From now on all Norwegian institutions can onboard WISEflow in a matter of weeks and can scale up as best suits the needs and ambition of the institution. Training, support and consultancy will be carried out by the local office in Skien.

For more information, contact

Amir Ebrahimi, [email protected]

Steffen Skovfoged, [email protected]