We have just entered a new year and looking back on the past, we have experienced a massive increase in both users and sessions. From 2015 to 2016 we have doubled the number of users and sessions, but it is not only an increasing number of users and sessions we look back at with great appreciation.

During 2016, we have seen many positive things happen and lots of noticeable events have characterized the year. We started out by being entrusted to work with a top ranked German university in Hamburg, and as the year progressed we also started contracts in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Great Britain. In the early spring, we entered a 3-year partnership to enhance WISEflow’s capabilities as an Online Massive Assessment Solution, co-funded by the European Commission, Innovation Fund Denmark, Central Denmark Region and Korean Institute of Advanced Technology.

With the expansion of partnerships and implementations of WISEflow at educational institutions all over the world, September saw a launch of our third office. This time in Gothenburg Sweden, where the market slowly awakens. Just before Christmas we also had the pleasure of attending the OEB show in Berlin and meeting many of our current and hopefully coming clients. After having lots of discussions, with people from all over the world, we stay assured that the interest in digital assessment is indeed increasing.

We look forward to the coming year with hopefully just as many memorable events and chances to meet both our clients and all the other people in our expanding network.

Happy New Year!