UNIwise are pleased to announce that Karlstad University has chosen the digital exam platform WISEflow as their new platform for digital assessment.

Karlstad University is located in the city of Karlstad, in the middle of Sweden between Stockholm and Oslo. 16.000 students attend the university annually, within 80 programs and 700 courses divided over more than 60 scientific subject. About 30% of the education is distance based where students attend the courses from around Sweden as well as from the rest of the world.

Karlstad University, one of the early adopters of digital assessment in Swedish higher education, had prior to the decision, conducted a two-year long project to analyse the assessment process and evaluate how digital solutions should support the process. Many academics and students as well as administrators participated in the project to ensure support among all users. The process was completed with an open tender with several vendors participating.

The digital exam platform WISEflow achieved the highest score in Karlstad University’s deep analysis of system functionality and quality. Also, regarding price, WISEflow stood out as the most economical alternative on the market.

We asked Linn Askeröd, project manager for digital assessment at Karlstad University, if she could pinpoint a specific area where the university really needs the new system to excel. Her answer:

It has to be easy to use, which means user friendliness is of the utmost importance. As many teachers and students are eager to start using the system immediately it also must be intuitive.“

She also notes how important it is that the system supports the whole assessment process; from planning an exam, to returning graded exams and registration of grades in the student documentation system.

Karlstad University is now looking forward to getting the system up and running. And, besides saving time and money with a paperless, safe and well organized workflow, the university is certain that WISEflow will prove valuable to both students and teachers.

At UNIwise, we are all committed to prove them right!

About UNIwise
UNIwise is a Danish software and consulting company for the digitization of the exam process for universities and higher educational institutions. The company started as a spin-out from the University of Aarhus. WISEflow has been developed for 6 years and has digitized exam & assessment at more than 60 institutions across Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

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