LONDON, 28 August 2017 — WISEflow by UNIwise announced today that it was selected by Brunel University London as their new platform for digital exams and assignments for the university for the next four years.

Brunel chose WISEflow after having carried out an extensive soft market test assessing several vendors of digital assessment during the spring.

One of the reasons we chose WISEflow and UNIwise is the deep understanding and insights of higher education the UNIwise team demonstrated” said Pro-Vice Chancellor Mariann Rand-Weaver. “Assessment, and in particular exams, are high-stake activities for a university, and therefore requires a trusted partner who will work with us to improve the assessment process and student experience”.

Brunel has become one of the leading institutions in the UK in terms of digitising assessment, both for assignments and onsite-exams. The university is dedicated to enhancing the assessment process and provide a more consistent student experience.

After extensive piloting and co-development with UNIwise during the last two years, the university will now expand the use and practice of digital assessment to all colleges and departments through a staged implementation starting September 2017.

Brunel has proved to be an ambitious first mover in the emerging digital examinations space in the UK” said Executive Director Steffen Skovfoged, UNIwise “Our collaboration with Brunel University London will fuel our firm commitment to develop and deliver an assessment experience adapted to UK higher education best practices

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About Brunel University London

Brunel University London is a modern, dynamic institution, which prides itself on the quality of its academic programmes and the applied nature of its research activity. The University is dedicated to providing a world class education for its 13,000 students, which includes an international student population of more than 2,000, who come from over 110 different countries. Learn more at

About Uniwise

UNIwise is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company targeting higher education on a mission to free exam and assessment from paper, time and place constraints. The company’s cloud-based platform, WISEflow, is an end-to-end workflow supporting software service enabling institutions to streamline, deliver and manage their various exams and assessments. With WISEflow, the company help individuals and institutions re-imagine and maximize the potential of exams and assessments through technology and broaden the possibilities for requirements, exam types, monitoring and student experience. WISEflow is the most used platform in Scandinavia and now expands throughout Europe and especially UK. Learn more on