GOTHENBURG, 21 November 2017 — Another of Sweden’s higher education institutions has taken the final step towards digitizing the exam process. We are very happy to announce that Örebro University has chosen the digital assessment platform WISEflow to manage their exam process from now on.

Situated right in the middle of Sweden, Örebro University started in the 1960s. Today 16000 students and 1300 staff work and study here. The University is a broad-based institution with internationally prominent research and offers a wide range of programmes from culinary arts and music composition to medicine and economics. In total, the four faculties offer 80 degree programmes and 600 single courses. The most popular programmes are medicine and law.

Project manager Sarah Lombrant, recalls that the first project regarding digital assessment started in 2014 but was down-sized due to more pressing matters. Later, the project resumed as a response to the growing interest in more modern ways of examination from both students and teaching staff, and as a natural development in following pedagogical trends within Higher Education internationally.

Prior going to tender, the University looked at several systems and then conducted a year-long pilot project with WISEflow. The aim of the pilot was to design efficient administrative processes for digital exams within the existing organisational structure, more than to try out the specific functionalities of a specific system.

Örebro University initially found that they primarily needed a system that would meet the demands for essay, and multiple-choice questions in order to be more efficient and improve the student experience. In the next phase, they looked for deeper functionalities required by the full range of exams offered across a varied range of subject areas. Overall it had to be a user-friendly and stable system, with which it would be easy to expand.

Sarah Lombrant on their process, finding the right system:

Did you have any specific requirements that you think stood out a little from the ordinary system specifications?

When I talk to some universities, they give me the impression that they primarily want to digitize the exam paper – i.e. get the papers into the computer – and they seem pleased with that. In our project, we perceive this as evident and have instead focused on finding a tool with which we can increase and develop the educational quality. Right from the beginning, not down the road.

We also emphasized the need for a stable and scalable system. It should be easy for us to quickly increase the volume. The thresholds would be on us internally and not on the system side of things.

What is your experience of the system supplier, UNIwise?

Well, I have not been in the project the full time but I hear from everyone involved that UNIwise has been good listeners. Not disturbing our internal process but supportive and proactive. Always reacting swiftly replying on questions, giving support, or taking actions. This is also my view of things, I think the collaboration between us has been very smooth.

 Any other thoughts why you think Örebro University have chosen WISEflow?

 The system won on both quality and overall pricing. On top of that, UNIwise completely originates out of the higher education world. All employees understand what we are talking about. It feels very good with a supplier who speaks the same language.

 How will you move forward from here on?

We are now pleased that the tender is over and that we can focus on the implementation. The interest in the university is huge and I think we will implement faster than what we have anticipated. We will have some widespread resources working with this, covering up both the administration and the pedagogic development. And everyone is eager to start up!

About Uniwise

UNIwise is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company targeting higher education on a mission to free exam and assessment from paper, time and place constraints. The company’s cloud-based platform, WISEflow, is an end-to-end workflow supporting software service enabling institutions to streamline, deliver and manage their various exams and assessments. With WISEflow, the company help individuals and institutions re-imagine and maximize the potential of exams and assessments through technology and broaden the possibilities for requirements, exam types, monitoring and student experience. WISEflow is the most used platform in Scandinavia and now expands throughout Europe. Learn more on


Photo: Kicki Nilsson, Örebro University