The Future of Digital Exams and Assessments

UNIwise cares a lot about keeping up with the latest know-how and technology in the business, as well as the needs, demands and trends of the digital test, assessment and exam methods of tomorrow.

We see great importance in knowing and supporting our users in their everyday work with assessments and exams – for both today and tomorrow. To understand our users’ goals, skills, preferences and user profiles are some of the most important ingredients in the development process of the WISEflow platform.

Developing WISEflow With the Help of Our Userbase 

Digital assessment is still a young field and, even though UNIwise has been developing the system for many years, we learn new things from our users every day. Because of this, we believe that the work of digitising institutions is a journey we share with our users. We have specific knowledge in certain areas and of distinct aspects. Our clients have knowledge in others. This ongoing exchange of information is priceless to us.

At the heart of this exchange lies our user-driven development: the different user groups representing all of our clients.

The user groups meet biannually to discuss and qualify pre-submitted user proposals for further prioritisation, qualification and solution description. With this, we dedicate a part of our resources and roadmap for strictly user-driven requirements at no additional cost for our clients.

Creating Bespoke Solutions for Our Clients 

As some client requirements may not be prioritised by other clients in the user group, or could be of a character that is not of common interest, UNIwise also provides bespoke development for clients.

While the development is carried out in close collaboration with the individual client behind the request, UNIwise tries to appropriate the development so that it can benefit others. In the end, many bespoke developments are made available to other clients on the platform. Consequently, clients can benefit each other and help make the solution even more suitable for their users.

Strategic Development: Creating the Future of Digital Exams 

UNIwise dedicates a large portion of its roadmap to strategic development. Creating features and solutions that might not be asked for in the everyday assessment and exam planning of today, but have a high probability of being demanded in the future.

By doing this, UNIwise wishes to both drive the discussion of the assessment and exam methods of tomorrow, and at the same time be ready when the demands start to surface.

One of these features is OMAP (Online Massive Assessment Platform), a 3-year R&D project lead by UNIwise in collaboration with Aarhus University (Centre for Teaching & Learning) and WeDu Communication. The project is sponsored by EUROSTAR (Horizon 2020), KIAT (Korean Institute of Advanced Technology) and Innovation Fund Denmark.

The OMAP focuses on different high-end systems, e.g. biometric authentication, to further secure online digital examinations for massive student numbers. Also, the project works to introduce advanced and research-based learning analytics to the WISEflow platform to improve the learning outcomes for students, assessors, teachers, and the institution overall.

Collaboration with other institutions is an important factor to us. Working with institutions during development ensures a great quality assurance process and enables us to deliver functional, innovative and relevant features.

Maintenance is a Key Part of Future-proofing Our Platform 

Finally, UNIwise also dedicates development towards maintaining and securing the existing platform. The development technologies, database technologies and app technologies that WISEflow is built upon are constantly developed, as well as the operating systems and browsers the end users access WISEflow through.

By keeping up to speed with new improvements in every aspect of the WISEflow setup, we can secure reliability and scalability of the platform, preparing it to meet the demands of tomorrow. That is the best, and most affordable, way to satisfy our clients.

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