What Are the Question Types in WISEflow?

The authoring module gives the author of a digital exam full control in the structuring of tests in WISEflow. As an author, you have the possibility of mixing a wide array of question types, thereby creating the digital exams you deem best suited to test the students’ skills.

WISEflow: More Than 50 Question Templates in Different Subjects 

With WISEflow you will gain access to more than 50 advanced question type templates in a wide range of subjects, such as maths, language, biology, chemistry, geography, computer programming etc. The templates thoroughly ease the creation of questions and you will always find a template that suits your specific needs.

WISEflow Question Templates

The templates are presented in an easy-to-use interface, streamlining your exam creation process.


The templates are pooled in different themes, according to their structure:

  • 6 Multiple-choice question templates: students choose between a set of predetermined options. The options can be everything from pictures and sound clips to standard text
  • 6 “Fill in the blanks” question templates: students fill in the missing text, image, graph, formula, or sound clip
  • 4 “Written and Spoken” question templates: students write short or long answers to essay questions or record sound clips as answers to language tests
  • 5 “Classify, Match and Order” question templates: students’ exam answers consist of an arrangement of objects
  • 9 Math question templates: questions and students’ answers can contain formulae (LaTeX and MathML)
  • 8 Graphing question templates: questions and students’ answers can contain graphs
  • 5 Charts question templates: questions and students’ answers can contain charts
  • 4 Highlighting question templates: students’ answers consist of their choice in highlighting objects or words
  • 4 Chemistry question templates: questions and students’ answers can contain chemical symbols and formulae

Possibility of Mixing Media in Digital Exams 

To further customise your digital exams to your specific needs and desires, you have the possibility of adding different media to the digital exam. If you wish, you can embed images or add video or audio players to each and every question you want to. This goes for all question types – no exceptions.

You can choose to add the media directly in the question text or to be available beneath the question as appendix material. If you choose to embed it directly, this is done easily by simply uploading the chosen material directly in the module.

The amount of audial and visual media you can add or attach to your exams are virtually limitless.

Adding Tools and Resources to Digital Exams 

When you are creating digital exams, you also have the possibility of making advanced tools and media available for the students. These can be advanced scientific calculators for maths, input fields for different mathematical formulae using the built-in editor, audio and video players to record the student’s answer etc.

In short, the high customisability of the WISEflow author module lets you create exactly the exam you want.

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