The exam and assessment writing software is developed with exactly a Bring Your Own Device scenario in mind. WISEflow is an HTML5-based application, meaning that it is accessible from almost any digital device with a browser installed. This enables all students with all devices and operating systems to use WISEflow.

Supporting Apps and Aids for Students with Disabilities

As providers of exam and assessment writing software, the students’ user experience is constantly top of mind in our development process. This includes undertaking development according to various accessibility guidelines (like WCAG 2.0) to provide equal and undifferentiated access to its services and functionality.

By basing WISEflow on a BYOD strategy, we make it possible for students to sit exams and tests on the device they know and are used to, providing a great sense of security and a less stressful exam environment. It also enables any applications for special aids already installed on the device to be active during the exam.

This means that applications like screen magnifiers, applications for voice commands and control, as well as reading and writing aids can be safely applied. This ensures that participants with accessibility needs are not unnecessarily challenged by new settings but are treated equally to others.

Also Provides Lab Solution 

In addition to the BYOD functionality, the system has a dedicated lab solution to be used in case computers are provided by the institution. With WISEflow’s lab functionality, the lockdown browser can be centrally installed and updated on all institution-owned computers from the manager’s own computer.

This considerably eases the administrative burden in regard to institutional computer labs.

Exam Software with Broad Browser Support 

The exam and assessment software system supports both macOS and Windows, as well as mobile platforms with common browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

We ensure that, at a minimum, the two latest versions of the browser, as well as the operating system, is supported.

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