How to calculate the price of digital exams and assessments

When putting out a tender or deciding which provider to choose, the price is always a concern. And how do you calculate the price of digital exams? At UNIwise, we strive to be as transparent in our pricing model upfront as we possibly can.

WISEflow is priced per student

There are many possible ways to price a SaaS-offer. We have chosen our usual pricing model of WISEflow to be an annual fee per full-time equivalent (FTE) student, as this pricing ensures our customers the least amount of budgetary surprises. By pricing per student, there will be no sudden expenditures towards extra exams, tests, assessments or use of the question bank, as all of these are unlimited within the yearly license.

When purchasing WISEflow, a plan for the implementation process is usually agreed upon. Based on your needs, we help you through a stepwise implementation, which is reflected in the annual licence fee, meaning that you only pay for the actual number of students using WISEflow in a given year.

Support and training during the implementation process can be calculated to a fixed price if the institution’s needs are sufficiently well described.

This plan ensures complete transparency in our pricing model during the entire onboarding process. We know how important pricing transparency is to budgets.

Modular build means scalable prices

Depending on the needs and requirements of your educational institution, WISEflow’s price can even be scaled according to the modules you need in the system.

As WISEflow is comprised of a basic licence, covering the fundamental functionality and with the option to add additional modules for specialized examination processes, you can select which modules you want access to. That means you don’t have to pay full price for a lot of extra functionalities you have no use for. You only pay for the modules you need and use.

You should not pay fortunes for future updates

You bought a software service, you shouldn’t be forced to buy updates for it. That’s what we think.

When you’re purchasing WISEflow, maintenance and updates of existing functionalities and features are always included in the initial price. UNIwise continues to develop and release new modules and functionalities and many of these are also offered to existing clients at no additional cost.


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