The Importance of Scalability in Digital Exams and Assessments

We work with many educational institutes and they vary greatly in size. This requires major flexibility in our system and great scalability to accommodate all needs.

WISEflow can scale to all user bases

WISEflow can meet the user demands of any higher educational institute. If your institution has a need for thousands of concurrent users needing access to hundreds of different exams simultaneously, that’s possible too.

WISEflow’s user handling capabilities scale completely to your needs without performance degradation at any point.

Data scaling

More users usually mean more data. We’ve taken that into account.

Our data storage solution is cloud-based, provided by Amazon Web Services S3 Cloud Servers. This means WISEflow has unlimited data storage capacity and will scale to every need necessary.

The API is also fully scalable and runs on its own servers. This makes the API completely independent of the main system’s servers. Large retrievals at full speed are therefore always possible.

To us, scalability is even more than system capabilities

The scalability of our service exceeds that of unlimited user and data handling capabilities.

Our service provision is completely scalable according to your educational institute’s needs and wishes in relation to both project management, process skills and specific/technical competencies.

We can provide any part of the implementation process you wish, from specific parts to full implementation. If you require it, we’ll generally apply to your institution’s own methods and tools regarding the implementation project.


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