How Does WISEflow Integrate with Other Systems?

As providers of exam software with a client base that has a wide array of systems, the possibility of integration is an integral part of our service with WISEflow.

We offer a high degree of integration and customisability with several Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) and great compatibility with your students’ hardware and software.

WISEflow Can Integrate with Your Student Portals

For integrations, WISEflow has an external API, based on REST, that makes it possible to integrate with other systems interfaces (such as Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and LMSs) and pull data from WISEflow. Integrations are located on a separate server setup dedicated only to integrations. This ensures the highest possible level of safety and stability for integrations, API, and the assessment platform.

Our platform interacts and integrates with different LMSs and student portals by means of a single sign-on mechanism. When you are already logged into your LMS you can access WISEflow in a new window or tab without logging in – and vice versa.

UNIwise has partnered with both Blackboard and Canvas and is looking increasingly into advanced integration solutions together with these companies to benefit future LMS integrations as well.

Deep Integration with Administrative Student Information Systems

WISEflow is currently deeply integrated into various student information systems in Denmark, Norway, and the UK. This enables various advanced functionalities for the administrators, including bulk import of students to WISEflow with all metadata from the student information system and automatic export of grades to an existing student information system.

An integration to Ladok III is well underway and will feature an API-based integration. With this integration, students can be bulk imported from Ladok to WISEflow and results can automatically be pushed back to Ladok from WISEflow.

WISEflow Works with All Browsers

As a web-based technology, WISEflow is accessible from almost any digital device with a modern browser installed. UNIwise recommends Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as they adhere most to standards and take up 89,3% of the market share according to recent statistics[1]. However, all other modern browsers are supported and can be used.

WISEflow can also be accessed by any operating system with support for a standard browser – whether Windows, OS, IOS, Android or Linux. For WISEflow in general, we recommend and promise to be compliant with the latest two versions of the selected operating system, and the latest two version of the selected browser.

Operating Systems and System Requirements for WISEflow & FLOWlock

Due to the use of FLOWlock in closed book exams, WISEflow has certain computer specification requirements, albeit they are minimal. The FLOWlock application is a small piece of software that needs to be installed on the student’s device and is controlled entirely through WISEflow.

FLOWlock currently runs on Windows, OS and iOS. The computer minimum requirements for using FLOWlock are as follows:

Operating Systems

Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista

Mac: OS X 10.7 or higher

iOS: 7.0+ (iPad only).


Windows: 2 GB RAM

Mac: 512 MB RAM

[1] December 2017:

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