Assessing Arts and Performances?

Exams are a diverse field with many different formats and configurations.

Most universities span from the natural sciences to the arts, where they specialise in music, media, art and performance, which means their assessment of these disciplines often requires options far beyond marking ticked boxes and circles around true or false statements.

For this reason, universities often believe that it is not possible to digitise the entirety of their exam and assessment process.

But it is. Very much, in fact.


Assessing Performances Digitally

Assessing arts disciplines will always be of a sensitive nature, given the subjectivity of art. But like it or not, formative and summative assessment is an integral part of the structure of modern education as a way of measuring student learning and the impact of teaching.

Performance assessment is an often-used method to gauge student learning in arts education. And performance assessment definitely has the potential for digitisation.

Digital exam and assessment software is not just meant for questionnaires, but can also allow for non-traditional forms of exams where the students’ craftsmanship, performance or creation can be the focal point of assessment.

By utilising digital exam and assessment software, arts-based education institutions can support their performance assessment and ease the process surrounding the entire exam and assessment situation.

Instead of oral feedback during busy office hours or scribbled on coffee-stained notepaper, students receive their feedback digitally as neatly structured annotations to their presentations.


Create the Arts Assessment of Your Choice

The student is able to upload his or her submission to the software in a relevant format, displaying the student’s mastery of a given discipline. He/she can even stream it to simulate a live performance.

Students of musical arts can stream their compositions, songs and tests for proficiency levels in musical instruments. Art, performance and media students can upload video or image files of their creative submissions.

You can even combine exam types and add traditional elements to a performance-based exam, such as essays or questions. These options grant complete freedom in the structuring of your educational institution’s exam forms and allow you to unleash your creativity.


WISEflow supports performance assessment through the use of FLOWhandin, where students upload or stream their performance for subsequent assessment.

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