Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA) recently tested out the use of WISEflow on an iPad for the purpose of assessing exam assignments with electronic assessment. This video was the result.


The text in the video is in Danish. Here is a summary in English:


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Educator Cay has used a 12-inch iPad Pro and the WISEflow platform during the summer exams of 2018.


Cay can use the different tools within WISEflow, i.e. annotations, sharing notes with co-assessors, making handwritten notes in the text or draw illustrations in the assignment, to assess exams.


The large 12-inch iPad makes the printing of paper assignments unnecessary.


By using the 12-inch iPad Pro and WISEflow, the following benefits were achieved:


  • Overview of the assignment in A4 format and avoiding frustration, along with time saved.
  • No waste of paper or time spent printing
  • Drawing diagrams and give handwritten feedback for the assignment digitally.


Cay recommends that the technology is first made available to those educators with special interest, as the use of the iPad for assessing assignments requires a willingness to adapt to new ways to read exam papers.


The video was produced by KEA Tech Lounge.


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