UNIwise and the University Colleges of Denmark have signed a 4-year contract regarding the continued use of the digital exam platform WISEflow for the educational institution’s more than 72.000 students and its thousands of employees. The contract secures a continued partnership, as UNIwise also won the tender released by the University Colleges in 2014.

The University Colleges operate more than 70 educational programmes at different locations in Denmark and are responsible for more than 30 % of the higher education graduates in Denmark. During the last four years, the University Colleges have been working hard to digitise the planning and handling of their exams and assessments, as part of an overall plan of action to make the administration and its auxiliary functions more effective.

The implementation and use of WISEflow was a major step in that direction, as the exam and assessment process were previously managed and conducted primarily through analogue means. According to executive director, Steffen Lytgens Skovfoged, the use of WISEflow has contributed to a considerable boost in the efficiency of the administration, heightened the quality of exams and reduced the opportunity to cheat:

“We have had great cooperation until now and are glad to have been given the opportunity to continue this cooperation in the new contract term. The Danish University Colleges have emphasised quality, ease of use and the possibilities within reporting and management information. For this reason, we are very proud for WISEflow to have been selected.”

With around 70 educational programmes, 7000 employees and more than 72.000 students, the University Colleges also required a product that could mirror their educational diversity and support their needs for great scalability during peak exam periods – once again, WISEflow was deemed the most appropriate product to meet these conditions.

“We are very happy to be able to offer students, examiners and assessors a user-friendly platform for submitting papers and other exam forms. At the same time, it is an added bonus that student administrative employees get a system that supports an efficient workflow and timely planning”, states Head of Studies Ambrosia Fladager Hansen from UCL Business Academy & University College.

UNIwise delivers WISEflow to more than 80 % of higher education institutions in Denmark.


Steffen Lytgens Skovfoged

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