The educational institutions in the UK using WISEflow to digitise their exam and assessment process are soon to experience a more local touch, as UNIwise opens a new office with a team dedicated to UK operations. The office is set to open in Manchester in August 2019.

Aarhus, Denmark – June 5th, 2019

Digital assessment is on the rise in the UK educational sector and WISEflow, a digital exam and assessment platform, is fast becoming one of the preferred systems for institutions of higher education.

Digital assessment enables educational institutions to digitise the manual processes of traditional exams and assessment, such as exam creation, administration, invigilation and marking, but the digital approach also facilitates an even more learner-centric design of the exam and assessment process. Using the opportunities that digital change provides, educational institutions can create exams that are more authentic and more aligned with digital developments in learning approaches, while marking and feedback can be conducted in more fair, transparent and reliable manner.

UNIwise, the company behind WISEflow, is Scandinavia’s leading provider of digital assessment, with more than 60 educational institutions using WISEflow in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. We are currently working with 10 institutions of higher education in the UK, and more are soon to follow. To provide a better and even faster service to these institutions – both present and future – UNIwise is opening an office in Manchester at the Landing in Media City of Manchester.

“We are very excited to open our new office in the UK,” says Rasmus Blok, Executive Director in UNIwise. “Not only is the new office a milestone for our company personally, being our first office outside of Scandinavia. It is also a fantastic opportunity to be nearer the UK institutions we are working with, in regard to both development and implementation of WISEflow,” Rasmus Blok adds.

The new office will house a development team dedicated to delivering features to WISEflow that can further enhance the user experience. The office will also be home to a customer service department, dedicated to UK costumers, and a sales department targeting the UK market as well.

And the UK developments is going to improve the quality of service for all institutions using WISEflow, Steffen Skovfoged, Executive Director, explains: “The new UK team will be focused on strategic feature delivery with input from the strategic team and based on research into emerging technology and customer feedback. This will ensure long-term product advances to the benefit of all WISEflow users.”


About UNIwise and WISEflow

WISEflow as an exam and assessment platform was initially created as a Government-funded project at Aarhus University, in an effort to create a platform that allowed the university to conduct, administer and mark exams in an end-to-end digital environment.

Since 2012, UNIwise has developed and delivered WISEflow to educational institutions as an independent company. In 2018, more than 1.5 million students conducted their exams in WISEflow and the business has grown from a handful of dedicated employees in Denmark to a market leading service in Northern Europe.


We are currently looking for employees for our new UK office to join the UNIwise family. If you are interested in a position as a developer, implementation specialist or sales representative, contact James Shelton of Nixor.

For media and other enquiries please contact Executive Directors of UNIwise:


Rasmus Blok

[email protected]

+45 2089 3983


Steffen Skovfoged

[email protected]

+45 6053 3033