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Accessibility in WISEflow

Accessibility in WISEflow The need for better accessibility, both physically and digitally, is rapidly becoming more and more apparent throughout the world. Organisations and businesses are increasing their focus on how they can improve their service, product or...

This is Why Cloud-based Exam Software is Safe

An endless amount of important and private data flying around aimlessly, hopelessly and completely unprotected. Does this sound like your thoughts on cloud-hosting and cloud-based exam software? Then you might want to reconsider. Cloud-hosting is not only fast...

The Rubrics Module in WISEflow

As an introduction to our new Rubrics module in WISEflow, our Executive Director Rasmus Blok made some videos explaining what the Rubrics module is and how it works (Part 1) and what the advantages of using Rubrics are (Part 2) Part 1 – What Is Rubrics?...

A Digital Approach to the TEF

To ensure quality in teaching and help students with their future employment prospects, a digital approach is key. This is especially true for the assessment procedure in HEIs, as this educational key practice is notoriously underrepresented in digitisation...

Disruption in Education: Where Is It Coming From?

Disruption in Education: Where Is It Coming From? As new technologies emerge, new possibilities follow in their wake. To some, this perpetual motion is the future. To others, it is a threat to their set ways. This dichotomy is the essence of disruption, as modern...


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