Brunel University London is gradually implementing WISEflow

Brunel University London is gradually implementing WISEflow

Brunel University started their WISEflow pilot in the end of 2015 at selected courses across the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences. The pilot organisation was rather small with limited first line support and only one project manager. It turned out to be such a great success that a PPI-partnership (Public, Private, Innovation) was made afterwards.

The partnership has two primarily focus areas: Closed collaboration and strategic partnership. The goal is to adapt WISEflow to the entire organization and thereby realizing a transformation to digital assessment. For this to happen, UNIwise works closely with Brunel University throughout the entire implementation and constantly gets feedback on the process. In that way UNIwise makes sure that the implementation matches the institution’s needs.

Brunel University is now gradually implementing WISEflow. On-site exams have been held, which has resulted in great feedback. For instance, the very first fully digital onsite exam in the UK based on BOYD was successfully held on three locations. The exam, which was a closed book assignment, lasted for two hours with 157 students attending. Brunel University will now implement digital exam in selected programs and will gradually, but controlled, convert to full digital assessment.


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November 25, 2016