WISEflow standardizes UCN’s exam process

WISEflow standardizes UCN’s exam process

Wanting to reduce the use of paper and create a more standardized exam process University College Nordjylland (UCN) started using WISEflow as a pilot among their business educations in 2014. Since then all the institution’s 27 educations now use the platform to great satisfaction.
“Generally we are very pleased with WISEflow, and our employees are very thrilled by the system, particularly seen from an administrative perspective. Our study secretaries all agree that they will not do without WISEflow and don’t want to return to our old processes,” Maria Hartman Nielsen, project employee, IT and digitization at UCN, says, highlighting that the platform is intuitive, because it combines different processes and provides an overview of the entire procedure.

Different functions create various opportunities
Across UCN’s educations the institution uses all the functions that WISEflow has to offer, including FLOWassign, FLOWmulti and FLOWlock. According to Maria Hartman Nielsen especially the latter makes exams more smooth, because in stead of using the school’s IT-equipment, the students just apply their own computers.
“WISEflow has many different opportunities and various functions with more on the way, which we look forward to, for instance in FLOWmulti,” Maria Hartman Nielsen, says and continues:
“The platform helps us standardize our exam process. It gives the administrative employees the opportunity to help and support each other, which undeniably improves the process. We have quickly experienced WISEflow’s benefits causing some of our old processes to be eliminated.”


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October 25, 2016