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This is WISEflow’s Customer Service


Our Support Service is ready to help


We are here to support you

From helping you locate errors to educating you in the functionalities of WISEflow, we are committed to giving you the best possible service and support. Our main priority is a kind and personal contact to secure a good relationship with you, our clients.

Our supporters are experts in WISEflow and will guide you to the best practice for any problem. By knowing and understanding who are clients are, we can provide support within the right levels of expertise. So, whether you are a WISEflow super user or a digital assessment novice, we can meet you at eye level and provide the help you need.


UNIwise provides 3 main channels of support service:


Prefer to talk to a real person? As an authorised WISEflow user, you can call our expert supporters, who stand ready to help you with your every need.


No time to talk? No worries. As a WISEflow licence administrator, you can just send us an email describing your issue and we will get back to you with a solution.

Our live chat assistance gives you timely answers to your questions without having to pick up the phone or check your inbox every 5 minutes.

More of a DIY’er?

Read our self-service materials

Our knowledge base

Get wise on WISEflow

You can find relevant guides and videos that provide explanations and fixes to your exact problem. You will also find getting started-guides in all languages, based on all roles within WISEflow and containing descriptions of all of WISEflow’s functionalities.

Go exploring in our knowledgebase – you might find new things you didn’t even know, WISEflow could do.

For our licence administrators, we have a deeper knowledge base containing other information pertaining to their role.

Read our documentation

Technical know-how

This is our collection of technical explanations regarding the functionalities of WISEflow. This source is accessible for WISEflow users with Support roles.

Use the community

Help other WISEflow users

This is where we strive to create a place of user-driven support and sharing of knowledge. The community is a joint user effort, where WISEflow users can help each other by building collective knowledge and sharing best practices. You can even ask questions to other licence administrators.

Our Customer Service continues to offer education on WISEflow through webinars and workshops

Webinars are offered after new releases to showcase new features. Webinars are also offered on functionalities, allowing you deep insight into the workings of WISEflow.

We can create customised workshops that educate you on the areas you wish to know more of.

Consultancy hours offer you insight into how you can make your exam and assessment administration process more efficient.

Through email, you are automatically made aware of coming releases with notes on what they entail