WISEflow enables you to set up exam flows and create interactive tests. It also makes automated distribution and easy assessment possible, providing you with exactly the digital exam that suits your needs. And that is just a fraction of the possibilities available when using WISEflow.


Sounds advanced? It is. And it is really easy too.


Here, let us show you how it works through 4 simple steps.

The Author Module

Create Digital Exams with WISEflow

In the author module, you can build powerful interactive tests, choosing from more than 50 question templates ranging from simple multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, short and long answer to advanced maths and graphs.

You can choose the type of exam that best suits your wants and needs: home assignment, on-site exam, group exam, multiple choice or oral exam. You can even align it automatically with the specific rules and regulations of your institution.

Utilise different media and helping agents

To further customise your digital exams to your specific needs and desires, you have the possibility of adding different media to the digital exam. Want to embed images or add video or audio players to each and every question? You can! And this goes for all question types – no exceptions.

The amount of audial and visual media you can add or attach to your exams are virtually limitless.

You can even pre-approve different software and applications, giving your students the right tools to take the exam. Or you can add helping agents from our built-in range of applications, like rulers, advanced calculators and input fields for mathematical formulae.

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The Manager Module

Manage Your Digital Exam Flows in the Manager Module

In the manager module, you have the power to set up and manage all of your digital exam flows. You can easily add students as participants in different exams and assign various assessors to both students and exams as you like. You can even automate the process of distributing and archiving the exams.

Managing is possible from everywhere

Want to optimise your time? Manage your exam flows whenever and wherever you like. All you require to access your manager module is online access, meaning you can manage your digital exams 24/7 from your favourite device and web browser.

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The Participant Module

No more writing cramps or stressful last-minute print outs!

Tired of waiting in line at the university printer with a deadline in 5 minutes? No more.

As a student using WISEflow’s participant module, you are participating in a paperless exam flow, where assignments and replies are delivered fully digitised.

The WISEflow software is developed with Bring-Your-Own-Device in mind, allowing students to use their own trusted devices for on-site exams. This also means that students with disabilities or special needs during exams can make use of their existing aids and applications, such as screen magnifiers or voice control.

On-site exams with added security measures

If you are wondering whether the students might be tempted to use disallowed sources during their on-site exams, we have good news. Using the FLOWlock module, students are unable to copy, print, communicate, go to another URL or access other applications during the examination unless it has been pre-approved by the author. The FLOWlock module creates a completely distraction-free environment in which the students can conduct their digital exams.

The Assessor Module

Say goodbye to endless piles of paper and illegible handwriting

Digital exam papers do not have to be printed, lugged around or kept track of. With WISEflow’s assessment module, you can mark and comment exams whenever and wherever you like. All you need is your favourite device and a common web browser.

Immediate assessment and grading

One of the many advantages of conducting digital exams and electronic management of assessments is zero waiting time. As soon as the students have submitted their exams, they are ready for marking. WISEflow even allows for the option of enabling auto-validation, making instant marking an actual possibility.

When submitted, the exams are also automatically screened against our plagiarism-checker. The results are gathered, flagging each possible illegality, and sent along with the exam, giving you ample opportunity to take the results into consideration when marking.

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