Implementing Digital Exams and Assessments with WISEflow

Our experienced implementation team will give you the time, the tools and the training you need to launch a successful digital exam and assessment project.

At UNIwise, implementation is a key exercise

If you ask our implementation team, one of the most important aspects of any onboarding process is to ensure that new clients feel warmly welcomed and are met with competence.

Every member of our implementation team has work experience within higher education institutions, so we know where you’re coming from. We understand the everyday life of the educational world because we have lived it. This means we understand the diversity of educational levels, the uniqueness of universities, and the distinction between faculties and departments. Our broad levels of experience give us a sense of your unique needs.

During implementation, you will be assigned a personal project manager, who will guide you safely through the entire process, making sure all deadlines are met on time and that you have the tools, the training and the knowledge to reach your goals.

Want an in-depth view?

This will give you an idea of the steps we take in our onboarding and implementation process.


After you sign the contract


The start-up phase is the time immediately following a contract signing. The most important function of the start-up phase is to guide you safely and securely from our sales department to the hands of our capable implementation team.

During the start-up phase, we will take some important steps toward launching your digital exam project.

One of the first things we like to check off our to-do list is to introduce you to your assigned project manager. This is your go-to person, who will follow you all the way through your implementation process.

To ensure the best project course possible, we want to know about and understand your needs and wants for the project. This can include questions like:


  • What is your motivation for launching a digital exam project?
  • What is the level of your ambition?
  • What is the scope of the initial pilot project?
  • What milestones can you already identify?


Another key component during start-up is equipping you with all the information you need for the coming process. This includes a clarification of the assigned roles during the implementation and to give you an introduction to your sources of support.

Finally, we will create your licence and give you a thorough introduction to WISEflow, so you can familiarise yourselves with the system and test it before participating in the workshops during the pilot phase.


Getting to know WISEflow


During the pilot phase, you will participate in status meetings with your personal project manager. It is important to us that we build a good relationship with our clients and keep in close contact. By continuous sparring and sharing of experiences, we ensure high levels of progress and keep your project on track.

You will also participate in workshops that give you in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the inner workings of WISEflow. The workshops are completely customised in collaboration with your project manager to meet your every need.

You will learn how to prepare, create and conduct exams in WISEflow. You will get an introduction to the different roles available in WISEflow and learn the differences between them.

Finally, we will take your new skill set and apply it to your coming exams. Together, we will create an overview of the exams that need to be prepared, conducted and assessed in WISEflow. The end product is a template of your exams.


So, how did it go?


After the initial pilot has been executed, we will evaluate the entire process and the result, and agree on what the next step is and what adjustments to make for the further course.

At UNIwise, we go the extra mile


We are here for you


After the initial pilot project, we keep in constant contact with our clients, making sure they have everything they need. You will always have access to your project manager and our support is always ready to take your call, should you have questions.

We also have cooperation conferences with our client base. Twice a year you get a chance to meet and discuss and prioritise future developments for WISEflow to ensure it meets your needs.