User Experiences with WISEflow

WISEflow Testimonials

We love to talk about digital exams and the many uses of WISEflow, but do not just take it from us. Below we share user stories from real WISEflow users, who have keen insight into exam and assessment practices in higher education and what makes WISEflow the best choice for your exam and assessment platform.

Academics and Management

Watch WISEflow testimonials from higher education academics and education management with experience how digital assessment affects student learning and other vital elements for the institution. 

Exam Administrators

Watch WISEflow testimonials from exam administrators with experience in working with the digital exam and assessment platform in their exam processes. 


WISEflow testimonials from current and former students. Get their perspective on using a digital platform to conduct and submit their exams.

Interested in more user experiences and information on the use of WISEflow? Have a look at our case studies to get some insider perspectives from different educational institutions.